Capistrano Installation notes


最近 Rubyを覚えたついでに簡単な Deploy Script を書いてみるようになった。
以下、Debian Lenny でのインストールノート。

# aptitude install rubygems
# gem sources -a http://gems.github.com/
# gem -v

-- バージョンが 1.2.0 なので 1.4 以降に rubygems をアップデートする --
-- ここは Debian 特有の手順が必要 --

# gem install rubygems-update
# /var/lib/gems/1.8/bin/update_rubygems

-- Capistrano のインストール --

# aptitude install libopenssl-ruby
# gem install capistrano

-- インストール完了 --

# cap
Please specify at least one action to execute.
Usage: cap [options] action ...
-d, --debug Prompts before each remote command execution.
-e, --explain TASK Displays help (if available) for the task.
-F, --default-config Always use default config, even with -f.
-f, --file FILE A recipe file to load. May be given more than once.
-H, --long-help Explain these options and environment variables.
-h, --help Display this help message.
-l [STDERR|STDOUT|file] Choose logger method. STDERR used by default.
-n, --dry-run Prints out commands without running them.
-p, --password Immediately prompt for the password.
-q, --quiet Make the output as quiet as possible.
-r, --preserve-roles Preserve task roles
-S, --set-before NAME=VALUE Set a variable before the recipes are loaded.
-s, --set NAME=VALUE Set a variable after the recipes are loaded.
-T, --tasks [PATTERN] List all tasks (matching optional PATTERN) in the loaded recipe files.
-t, --tool Abbreviates the output of -T for tool integration.
-V, --version Display the Capistrano version, and exit.
-v, --verbose Be more verbose. May be given more than once.
-X, --skip-system-config Don't load the system config file (capistrano.conf)
-x, --skip-user-config Don't load the user config file (.caprc)

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